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Hot doctor prescribes tight pussy to patient

56036 Hot doctor prescribes tight pussy to patient Hot Doctor prescribes tight pussy to patient! With a bit of fear, I walked up to the front door and knocked a couple of times. The door opened and I let out a gasp. She still had that gray sweater on and those same pair of tight blue jeans, but somehow she looked more beautiful than she had in the diner. She showed me in and I let out a gasp, she had an amazing house. A lovely leather couch and big screen TV accentuated her living room. Showing me with her hand she led me to the kitchen and I was sort of hypnotized by the way her tight ass swayed back and forth. I felt the beginnings of an erection, but quickly switched my mind to a different subject. We sat down at the table and she served up two bowls of salad and two plates of spaghetti. The food was absolutely to die for but so was the company. We finished dinner and I helped her clean up (which kind of surprised her) and went into the living room and watched TV and we talked about our personal lives and such, then came the question. How long have you been lusting after me? I just started today. I replied. Well, why didn’t you say anything at the Y or the diner? I figured that you wouldn’t be interested in dating a guy like me. I said. Why’s that? She asked a little confused. Well, look at me, I started, I don’t have a muscle in my body which makes me pale in comparison to you, and makes me look like a dork. I added rather sadly. No, I think you are very handsome. She said running her soft hand over my face and through my hair. And I think that you are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. I said. What makes me so beautiful to you? She asked. Your body. Was all I could say.
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Blonde bailey gets natural big tits rammed

7995 Blonde bailey gets natural big tits rammed
Blonde Bailey gets natural big tits rammed! As I find my way back to my desk, I wonder if those in the offices I pass notice my disheveled hair, the flush in my cheeks. Very occasionally, we have managed to leave the office together for a few hours. Luckily, I escaped without the slightest notice from the busy bees bustling around the office. He asked me to talk dirty to him as we drove, and I complied, telling him what a dirty little slut I was to abandon my work in the middle of the day for the pleasure of sneaking off to suck his cock. I could see him getting hard, the bulge growing in his pants as he listened to my naughty voice and occasionally gave my thigh a gentle slap. As he undressed and climbed onto the bed, kneeling above me, I looked up at him with pure lust and tried to reach up to take his growing cock into my mouth.
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Big tit redhead gabriella suck and fuck

7294 Big tit redhead gabriella suck and fuck
Big tit redhead Gabriella suck and fuck! A storm was coming in. Gabriella felt a breath of cool as a strong gust of wind came up. Oh shit, Gabriella muttered. Maybe we better speed up if we’re going to make it to the car. All hell is about to break loose. Seconds later, fat drops of rain started pelting down around them. Guess we aren’t going to make it, he said as they ran to the pavilion, an open, brick structure with two picnic tables. They had barely made it into shelter just as the storm broke. Lightning flashed, thunder clapped, followed by a downpour. He’s tshirt, shoes and shorts were soaked. His shorts left little to the imagination, displaying his tight ass and large cock even more than before. He flashed a sexy grin and sat down on the table next to Gabriella, where he began prying off his running shoes. Oh no. You are NOT thinking what I think you are. It’s raining. We’re alone and have some time to waste before this thing passes. Come on, baby; let’s have some fun. But…
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They couldn’t wait to sit on those meat sausages.

22137 They couldnt wait to sit on those meat sausages. They couldn't wait to sit on those meat sausages.! Added to the very real wrap of leather cuffs around my wrists, the chain intertwined in my fingers, it made the moans in my throat seem familiar, reminded me of those two evenings when I let he tie me up, back in college. The incantation took on a baroque quality, the sequence running from different points in different voices, like a tantric singalong at a camping trip for sexually wired zombie monks and monkettes. The male voice was joined by a female voice, then another, and while the guy chanted obey obey obey obey obey the other was chanting slave slave slave and her little friend whispered girl over and over, and I was turning in the rhythm, turning, pressing myself against the pair of arms that wrapped around me.
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Rita has her big tits and pussy rammed

7650 Rita has her big tits and pussy rammed Rita has her big tits and pussy rammed! Some weeks later, she demanded that I fuck her doggie style in the bathroom while he was picking up the take out food. They all thought that they could make a man, who they thought was gay, straight. This story is about all the up skirts, sitting uppies, down blouses and flashes of pussies and tits that I get because these women insist that I am gay. Whatever the case, I am rewarded daily with views of the forbidden female body and given access to secret private places that no man dare to go, unless he is their gay hairdresser or their gay massage therapist.
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Hood rat teen gets a bent over backwards fuck

17285 Hood rat teen gets a bent over backwards fuck Hood rat teen gets a bent over backwards fuck! I broke the kiss. We’d better stop while we still can, I whispered. I don’t wanna stop. I’ve always loved you, big brother. She me. Her new clothes hit the floor and she was naked. She smiled at me, her perfect teeth sparkling in the afternoon sun. I had never had a sexual thought about her until the minute her clothes hit the floor. I watched, fascinated, as she stripped me. She kissed my cock and dragged me to the bed. I picked her up and laid her down gently. Oh, god, I’m gonna burn for this! I muttered. We’ll burn together, she replied as I lay down beside her. My hands were busy exploring her body. She had nice little tits and an almost bald pussy. Did you shave your snatch? I asked. No, it just never grew any hair. It was so embarrassing in high school. Everybody had a bush but me. I ran my fingers up and down her slit and slowly inserted my middle finger into her. She was trembling and wet, ready for the grand finale.
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Katie morgan gets her titties bounced around while fucking hard

9706 Katie morgan gets her titties bounced around while fucking hard Katie Morgan gets her titties bounced around while fucking hard! If I fuck you in the ass, you’ll have trouble walking. I love being ass fucked. Your cock is fucking huge, but it feels good. Push it in deep. Fuck my ass and dominate me. Okay, just remember you asked for it. Slowly the shaft sank deeper and deeper into my slippery ass, between my tight round ass cheeks until I thought that I had the entire cock in me. I didn’t know it, but the cock was only about half way in, but I felt so well packed that I thought that I had it all. Oh fuck. That’s a fucking huge cock. I feel filled right up, stretched wide open and fully packed, I gasped. I feel like I’m being fucked by a horse. I can’t believe that I’m taking the whole thing. What do you mean the whole thing? Its only half way in. Is it too much for you, Katie? It’s so deep and it feels so fucking big. Take it out and lube me up some more so I can try to take more. If this is how it feels with your cock half way in I want to know what it feels like with all of it in me. You’re so fucking huge that I don’t know if I can take it, but I want to try. I felt the giant piston slowly withdraw from my ass until only the head remained. The head was so big that it was difficult to remove the head without some force. It finally popped out leaving me with an empty feeling.
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Gorgeous gal gets a huge load of cum splattered all over her pretty face

64667 Gorgeous gal gets a huge load of cum splattered all over her pretty face Gorgeous gal gets a huge load of cum splattered all over her pretty face! Satisfied that he was well lubricated, I withdrew my fingers from his ass and straightened up. Plucking the last item from the table, I twisted the knob on its bottom until it was purring softly. Holding his cheeks open with my fingers, I pressed the tip of the rubber plug against his asshole. His flesh stretched obscenely around the toy as I pushed it into him. When his anus popped around the fullest part and grasped onto the retaining stem, I let go and turned my attention to my patient. A pink flush crept over his chest, which rose and fell quickly as he breathed heavier. His eyes were half closed, and his teeth bit into his lower lip. When I climbed onto the bed with him, his ocean blue eyes flew open. My tiny skirt rode up my thighs when I threw one leg over his body and straddled his crotch. He made incoherent sounds when I rubbed my bare pussy against his cock. Are you ready for your treat? He nodded eagerly, and I slid forward until I felt his head brush against my opening. I wiggled a bit to get the position right and when the tip of his cock pushed against my pussy, I moved backwards and impaled myself on his dick. Warmth radiated through my pussy as his thickness slid into me. His shoulders pressed against the bed as he thrust his hips upward. The movement drove his cock deeper into me, and I gasped at the sensation of being suddenly filled. As I rocked on top of him, I pulled my skirt higher so he could see my cunt lips being split open over and over by his fat shaft. Grinning wickedly, I reached behind me and found the knob of the plug protruding from his ass. With a quick twist, I turned it up full blast, and he grunted and jerked his hips upwards. I could feel the vibrations just enough to tease me with pleasure. The added stimulation felt so good as I plunged up and down on his cock. One of the straining buttons on my tight top popped open as my breasts bounced and swayed with the movements of my body. Grabbing the sides, I ripped the rest of it open and ran my hands over the ripe globes. With my fingers, I teased the nipples, sending shocks of pleasure through my body. I ground my pussy against him, rubbing my clit over his pubic bone each time I sank down on his cock. My breathing grew ragged, and I could feel the pressure building within me.
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Long haired ebony slut gets balck dick drilled doggie style

40654 Long haired ebony slut gets balck dick drilled doggie style Long haired ebony slut gets balck dick drilled doggie style! At the end of the hallway, the Master proceeded down another passage to the right. It led into a large, openair atrium of sorts, surrounded by glass rooms, but open to the sky. Trees and flowers grew there, and a path wandered amongst them. As the Master led her through the atrium, she saw several women sitting on benches underneath the starlight. Most were naked, although some wore small scraps of clothing which barely concealed anything. Two women sat on the edge of a fountain, and as she drew nearer, she realized they were sliding a thick jelly double dong in and out of their pussies. One woman was stroking her own clit; the other caressed her large breasts. Both were talking and laughing as casually as if they had been sharing a cup of coffee at a quiet bistro. The Master turned to her. You may notice that almost every woman here has large breasts. That’s no mistake. Most of the women I pursue already have pretty big tits, but if I buy a woman who does not, I enlarge them surgically. A woman passed them on the path, smiling radiantly at the Master. Indeed, she had gigantic, rounded tits which bounced hypnotically as she walked. They were too large to be real, but the enhancement was very realistic. Finally they passed through the atrium, and into a poolroom. The lights were dim, but she could make out several women swimming, and another two splashing about in the shallows. One was lying on the diving board with her naked ass pointing out towards the pool. Another girl was hanging onto the end of the diving board to steady herself while she drove a big black dildo into her lover’s ass. Is this all they..
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Get a helping hand and cock to satify their horniness

68211 Get a helping hand and cock to satify their horniness
Get a helping hand and cock to satify their horniness! I was ecstatic when she turned on her side and handed me the lotion and said, I would really appreciate that. I squirted more in my hand and covered her lower back becoming lost in her soft pliant flesh. Gaining courage by the minute, I finished off her calves and feet and tentatively said, Um, Babs, my shift has ended, and I was thinking that maybe after you finish sunning, well…maybe we could go to dinner and maybe a movie.
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